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Frequently Asked Questions

- Billing

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- Email

- Web Hosting

General Billing Questions

1. What are my billing options?

SISCOM offers Credit card, e-mail, and paper billing.

Credit card billing is prefered. It is the easiest for everyone, takes no paper and your account is always paid on time.

With e-mail billing, we will send your bill via e-mail about 12 to 15 days in advance. This gives you ample time to submit your payment via U.S. Mail. E-mail bills can be sent to an e-mail address of your choice.

If you choose paper billing we will send your bill via U.S. Mail about 12 to 15 days in advance. Because the U.S. Mail will take a few days to get to you this will give you a little less time to respond. Due to our low monthly service fees we will have to add a $1.00 surcharge to each invoice to help recover the extra cost (example: if you pay semi-annual this surcharge will be $1 every 6 months).

No matter what type of billing you choose you will receive a receipt from us via your e-mail. If you would like a paper receipt for your records, you can print out the message with most e-mail clients.

2. When are payments due?

All payments are due in advance of the beginning service date.

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General Dial-Up Questions

1. What is a dial-up account?

A dial-up account is a connection to the Internet that uses a modem connected over standard telephone lines. Dial-up accounts are the most widely used type of connection due to low cost of modems and the wide coverage area of telephone service.

2. What is the average speed of a dial-up connection?

Average speed will vary based upon your type of computer, type of modem, and telephone line quality. Most people with 56k modems find that they can acheive connections of around 44-52Kbps.

3. What are the system requirements?

System requirements aren't very high. You'll need a computer with at least a 14.4 modem.

4. How do I configure my computer to connect to SISCOM?

We have instructions for most operating systems posted in our Dial-Up Support Section. We'd also be happy to walk you through the process over the phone.

5. I've forgotten my password. How do find out what it is?

If you have forgotten your password, you will need to contact us to learn what it is.

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General DSL Questions

1. What is DSL?

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a high-speed data link that can be used for Internet access, video conferencing, and work at home applications. ADSL applications consist of a pair of modems on either end of a twisted-pair copper line, usually a telephone line, that provides asymmetric transmission of data, up to 6 Mbps downstream (to the customer) and up to 384 Kbps upstream, depending upon line length and the capabilities of the particular modem. A key advantage for ADSL is that it can operate over existing POTs (Plain Old Telephone Service) wiring without affecting the voice transmission.

2. Does DSL tie up my phone line?

Absolutely not. DSL is designed to offer customers voice phone service and data over your existing cabling. Voice quality is not affected and you can even fax or use your existing V.34 modem over the same line as DSL.

3. Can I still use existing features such as Caller ID, Call Waiting and Call Forwarding?

Yes. The addition of DSL on your existing phone line does not interfere with these features.

4. Why are the downstream and upstream speeds different?

The downstream data speed refers to the connection rate or "sync rate" to your computer from the Internet. The upstream speed refers to the connection speed from your computer to the Internet. Since most Internet applications require you to download large amounts of data while sending relatively small amounts of data, most of the bandwidth is reserved to download data.

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1. How do I view my Email using SISCOM's Webmail Interface?

Point your browser to and click on Check Mail. You will need to supply your username and password in order to view your mail.

2. How do I setup mail to download and send in programs like Outlook or Thunderbird?

We have instructions for most email applications posted in our Email Support Section. We'd also be happy to walk you through the process over the phone.

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Web Hosting

1. What is Plesk?

Plesk is the name of the software package used to manage certain SISCOM web hosting accounts (not all accounts have a plesk panel).

2. How do I access the plesk control panel for my web hosting account?

You can access the plesk control panel for your site at

3. Can I access my domain's email from the web?

If your domain has webmail enabled you can read your mail by visiting If this does not work, please contact technical support so that we can enable webmail for your domain.

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